By David Kurth

Facing The Mountains

Poems from Stehekin


Excerpt from Introduction:

The people who now call “The Way Through” home are blessed with the awareness that every sunrise and every season contain seeds for a new beginning.  As you read the following poems, I hope you discover this place time and time again.

David Kurth

As a boy, David sought out the wildness of biking through the streets of Portland, Oregon, to the shores of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. He found vacant strips of land overgrown with blackberry bushes and wild grasses, relishing the remoteness he was destined to continue seeking. Even today David desires to go deeper into wildness. The longing does not end.

Part of the searching and seeking is in the sharing. It is why David has felt compelled to continue to put down in poetry the stories of life in wildness…life in Stehekin, Washington.

Step into his world, holding only the ethereal love of language, discovering that you hold what really up on it

Other Books

Knowing Home

David Kurth’s collection of poetry in three sections, Knowing Home, includes “Living in Wildness” which focuses on matters of living close to the wilderness; “The Other Side of Spring” focuses on seasons of life in nature and relationships; and “Luminary” includes matters of the heart and spirit.

Gossamer Days

A collection of poetry that encompasses the daydreams of a young boy moving towards adulthood, becoming transparent and real, exposing inner thoughts, and reflecting on the truth of a moment in time.  Childhood, nature, and relationships become the canvas for the muse that awakens this coming of age and blossoming authenticity.